Most biblical material is written to save souls, encourage others to live righteously, or any of a number of other biblical reasons to communicate with others. Copyrights can directly impact these righteous missions, though. copyright law is more for making money or, more accurately, for allowing the limiting of access to works for the author's own purposes. Some biblical authors use copyright to limit their works, and we as Christians need to respect their rights. For the majority, though, we need to publish our creative works with an open license that explicitly defines the freedom we wish for our work. That license has been written, and you will find a link in the footer of every page on this site.

Copyright law does not fit an open sharing model well, and when material is shared without an explicit license, publishers risk litigation (and sin) and authors risk hurt feelings and lost revenue. Participating in the openness of this site or not, please be explicit in what you want to allow people to do with your work when you publish online. It makes the Internet a better place.